Saturday, February 7, 2015

Back In Business

After a hiatus, my Etsy shop is now open again.

Through the holidays I sold items at a local shop Art.Craft.Play and it was a wonderful experience.

The owner, Shannon was great to work with and I sold quite a few items from Oct to December.

Business is slower after the holidays and she is cutting her hours back for the next three months or so,  so I'm back in business with my Etsy shop now.

Here are just a few items you will find listed. 

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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Project

I put away everything I was working on previously and started a new project today. I was just so burned out on everything I was rushing to finish, things I had to put on hold to finish Christmas (lots of stuff I just never even got to) so I packed it all away yesterday and brought out a new bundle (well, I bought it months ago, but an unopened bundle).

I just need to start fresh, take my time, and enjoy the process.

Reef / Return To Atlantis ; from Fat Quarter Shop.

Year End ....

2014 saw a lot of big events for the babies in our family.

Our first baby started Kindergarten this year.  She is doing wonderful and loving every minute of it.  Her speech is improving daily, and she's growing up so fast.

We added this sweet baby to our family this year ......

And she is already so grown up!

And this sweet girl found out she is going to be a big sister!  So we are really looking forward to 2015!  

Getting them all to sit still for a pic on Christmas Eve was quite the chore.  And next year we will have another one to add in the mix.  Yay!  This has been a very good year for this Gamma!

Here's to 2015! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Three For Thursday ....

Well ok, I only have two of them done so far, but there will be three. 

These are for the big Little and the middle Little.  I still have to do one for the bitty Little.  

The pattern is Easy Peasant Dress by Tie Dye Diva.  It is truly easy.  (Seriously, I made both of these in one afternoon/evening).  Her patterns are great and soooo easy to follow.  I've been sewing for 30 years (ok, I took a 15 year hiatus) and I've learned several new techniques and tricks from her instructions. 

I'm looking forward to making them some fall and Christmas dresses from this pattern. 

Upon the recommendation of several other bloggers, 
I bought these labels from IkaPrint.  

And just for your viewing pleasure, here's a new pic of the bitty Little. 

Edited to add a photo of my reluctant model: 
(sometimes you have to be able to decipher in 30 seconds 
or less if any alterations need to be made.)

After trying this on her though I think this may be my "go-to" pattern for lots and lots of dresses for the Littles.  (I already have some Fall and Christmas fabric for them)


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Busy Busy Week(end)

It's been a busy long weekend around my house!! 

I've been making things in anticipation of adding items to a new shop that is opening near me that will have a selection of things from local craft vendors.  They've invited several of us to come tomorrow night to see the space (almost finished with the renovation) and find out a little bit about how things will work.  

I've made Alabama and Auburn reversible dresses (because I live in the heart of Alabama and the rivalry is huge!)   The dresses are completely reversible. 

I made bloomers for this one because it is if Ivy Rose, but I will not be making any more size 3mo bloomers!  Just too fidgety to work with!!  (I will try a 6 month size maybe)

I also made her a sleep sack.  
It works well, but I will make the neckline a little lower on the next one.  And BabyGurl has asked for a lighter weight one (this one was made with some scraps of fleece, so I will use flannel on the next one.) 

And another new pattern I tried.  I did not like sewing with gathers 30 years ago, and I still do not like it!  :-)

Some baby love.

And some more baby love.
(Ignore my crazy expression, I was talking to Sadie when BabyGurl snapped the pic.)

And look who can touch the bottom of the pool this year!!  Oh my!

She had to have "Ewik's" sunglasses.  She's such a diva (sometimes)! 

And Miss Ivy Rose went for her one month (34 days old) checkup today and she is 9 lb 4 oz and 22 inches.  (She has grown three pounds and three inches!!!!) 

She's on her way to visit me now, so there'll be pictures on the next blog update! 

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